About Us
About Us

About Us

Cardkhana, a factory for handmade cards was born in 2016, when I clubbed my desire to give gifts with my obsession with paper.

Each card is bespoke, a reminder of how amazing/unique the recipient is. Cardkhana is a space to explore my artistic curiosities and a medium to spread smiles :)

This endeavour has involved me with many people and their special moments such as marriage proposals, someone's first father's day and many more such occasions.

It's as much about the people as it is about making cards. Along the way, I have learned one thing - A piece of paper can change your life significantly, even for a short while. 

A wedding card, a cheque, a winning certificate, these are all papers that have their own place and cannot be substituted.

There's something so hard about a soft copy and so beautifully soft about a hard copy, it's linked to that humanness in us that even we can't fully comprehend. 

A paper card is like a time capsule for your emotion and when you make it with this sentiment, it leaves an impact.

We thank you for stopping by at our Card Factory and we hope you like what we have made with a lot of love!

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